Membership Application

Qualifications for Membership in NAC-VI

  • There shall be three classes of membership in the Society: Regular, Associate Special and Honorary.
  • Any person of good character, who is interested in and subscribes to the aims and objectives of NAC-VI and NAC (National) is eligible for Regular membership in the Society.
  • The surviving spouse of a deceased member or of a person who would have been eligible for membership in the Society is eligible for Associate Special Membership in the Society.
  • Any person of good character may be accorded Honorary membership at the discretion of the Society.
  • Application for Regular or Associate Special Membership in the Society shall be made on the form provided and sent to the Chairman, Membership Committee at the address shown.

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Membership is granted at the discretion of the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the Membership Committee.

OPI: Bill Macdonald