Naval Officers association of Canada
L’Association Des Officiers De La Marine Du Canada

178th Board of Directors Meeting 29th May, 2009

NOAC / AOMC Awards

Part 3 – Process

The ordering of medallions from the supplier takes normally four weeks. Therefore the normal process for medallion awards and those certificates to be presented at the AGM will include:

Normally early January. National executive Director to issue a call for nominations, to be sent to him/her

Normally end of February. Nominations closed. The National Executive Director is to compile the nominations and seek the National Executive Committee review and concurrence.

Normally mid-March. Deadline for Executive Committee review of the nominations. The National Executive Director is to compile the agreed nominations and distribute them to the National Board of Directors for approval.

Normally mid-April. Deadline for the Board of Directors approval. The National Executive Director is to assemble the packages that, where applicable, comprise the medallions, attached neck ribbons, lapel pins and signed, unframed certificates, ready for presentation.

First BOD Meeting prior to the AGM. For the record, the Board of Directors is to formally approve the list of awards.

At the AGM. It will be at the National Presidents discretion whether to make the award presentations during the AGM itself, or at a subsequent formal dinner.

This process can be compresses for medallion awards under special circumstances, but the four-week period for ordering from the supplier will likely remain.

If any nomination is rejected or amended during this process, the National Executive Director shall inform the nominating Branch of the reasons for the decision.

Certificates and letters of appreciation to be awarded outside of the AGM can be ordered from the National Executive Director on two–weeks notice, taking into account any necessary Executive Committee or Board of Directors agreement. Even though perhaps awarded prior to the AGM, all awards and certificates are to be listed for formal Board of Directors approval at the Board’s pre-AGM meeting.