Naval Officers association of Canada
L’Association Des Officiers De La Marine Du Canada

178th Board of Directors Meeting 29th May, 2009

NOAC / AOMC Awards

Part 2 – Rules

The Gold and Silver Awards are to be considered as “decorations”, in the sense they are only awarded once. If a Branch wishes to recognize another deserving accomplishment of a member who has already been awarded one of the same medallions, then the Branch President can nominate him for a Bar to his existing medallion. This Bar will be recognized solely with the presentation of a new certificate.

Given their nature, Certificates will be awarded to an individual member or non-member, as applicable, only once.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze awards shall comprise: a medallion engraved with the recipient’s name on the reverse; a neck ribbon; a lapel pin; and a certificate signed by the National President.

The cost of original Gold and Silver awards and all certificates shall be borne by NOAC National.

The cost of the Bronze award shall be borne by the nominating Branch, at a level to be determined by the National Executive Director.

The costs of medallions or lapel pins to replace those lost are to be borne by the recipients.

The framing, if desired, of all Branch-level certificates shall be the responsibility of the nominating Branch. For Certificates of Appreciation awarded by NOAC National, the framing, if desired, shall be undertaken by NOAC National.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will normally be presented by the National President to the recipients or their representatives at the Annual General Meeting.However, if special circumstance warrant and subject to the agreement of the National Board of Directors, ana ward can be made at any time.

At the discretion of the nominating Branch or National President, certificates for non-medallion awards and Letters of Appreciation can also be presented at the AGM. But Branches or the National President may choose to present such awards at any time.

Most Branches will wish to keep their nominations confidential, and every effort to be made in this regard. But this may not always be possible where Branch Presidents or National Directors are being nominated